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Course Overview

The Kable Academy Web Development course focuses on the fundamental concepts of the JavaScript and React JS languages and Salesforce application concepts. JavaScript is an object-oriented language most frequently used as the scripting language for web pages. React JS is a JavaScript library used to build user interfaces in mobile applications.

Phase 1: Responsive Web Design

Week 1

HTML: Learning the basics of HTML, the essential language of the web.

Website Styling: Learn and practice the fundamentals of CSS to add beautiful styling to your webpages.

Introduction to Javascript: Learn the fundamentals of Javascript; syntax, variables, conditionals, and functions.

Week 2

Advanced Design & Javascript: Learn CSS techniques for more interesting sites: display positioning, colors, typography, responsive design, and flexbox.

Week 3

Javascript: Arrays, Loops, and Objects: Discover More Javascript techniques and features including arrays, looping, and objects.

Week 4

Interactive Javascript Websites: Learn the Document Object Model, the interfae between Javascript and HTMP elements, and combine HTML, CSS, and Javascript into exciting interactive sites. 

Phase 2: Front-End Web Design

Week 5

Know Your Command Line: Discover the power of this simple yet essential text-based tool and increase your productivity as a developer. 

Week 6

Get a Grip on Git: Learn to save and manage different versions of your code projects with this essential tool. 

Week 7

Intermediate Javascript: Learn more techniques to extend your Javascript knowledge including reusable classes, spitting code into modules, and making HTTP request. 

Week 8

Build Front-End Applications with React: Learn to build dynamic and powerful web apps using React.js, a component-based Front-End Framework. 

Javascript Back-End Development/Team Git: Learn how to create Back-End servers and APIs in Javascript using the popular Express.js framework.

Phase 3: Full-Stack Web Development

Week 9

SQL and Databases for Web Development: Learn the SQL fundamentals needed to be a successful Full-Stack Web Developer.

Construct a Persistent API as a Team: Learn the Node-SQLite to connect JS and SQL in web apps and build your first fully integrated Back-End Application.

Behind the Wheel with Test-Driven Development with Javascript/Team: Master the fundamentals of Test-Driven Development to create reliable Full-Stack Javascript Web Applications.

Week 10

Salesforce Platform Basics: Get introduced to the platform, navigate use cases, and build custom functionality. 

Data Modeling: Give your data structure with objects, fields, and relationships.

Data Management: Learn how to import and export data in Salesforce.

Lightning Experience Customization: Customize the Lightning Experience user interface without writing any code. 

Salesforce Mobile App Customization: Customize your mobile experience with the Salesforce app.

User Engagement: Create in-app guidance to help users get the most value out of your Salesforce app.

Reports & Dashboards for Lightning Experience: Visualize key business metrics in real-time using Lightning Experience.

Week 11

Formulas & Validations: Tailor your apps without writing code by using point-and-click logic.

Data Security: Control access to data using point-and-click security tools.

Picklist Administration: Choose the right picklist field for the job, manage picklists, and share picklist values.

Build a Suggestion: Build a simple suggestion management app. No code required.

Box App: Build a simple suggestion management app. No code required.

Lightning Flow: Automate processes for every app, experience, and portal with declarative tools.

AppExchange Basics: Extend the power of Salesforce with solutions and services from AppExhange.

External Services: Connect an external service to Salesforce and invoke methods based on that service.

Salesforce Mobile App Rollout: Develop a rollout strategy to help your company to do more with the Salesforce mobile app.

Build a Battle Station App: Build a simple project management app to construct a galactic battle station. No code required.

Advanced Formulas: Learn how to write clean, easy-to-understand formulas for complex use cases.

Week 12

Event Monitoring: Discover insights into your Salesforce org with this powerful monitoring feature.

Salesforce Connect: Access, display, and integrate data from an external data source in real time.

Company-Wide Org Settings: Learn about search, regional settings, multiple currencies and user interface controls. 




  • * 600 Total Course Hours - 400 of which are live, instructor-led hours
  • * 60 Classroom Days
  • * 9AM-5PM. Monday- Friday, excluding holidays
  • * 90% In-Class Attendance Required
  • * You will need to bring your own laptop with you to this program.
    - If you do not have a personal laptop, the Kable Academy will provide you a loaner.

Upcoming Cohorts

12 Week Program (Full-Time)

Starts: Monday, January 09, 2023 – 
Ends: Friday, March 31, 2023

Hours: 9am-5pm, Monday-Friday

24 Week Program (Part-Time Evenings)

Starts: Monday, January 9, 2023
Ends: Thurdsay, June 30, 2023

Hours: 6pm-9pm, Monday-Thursday
1 Saturday/month