Our headquarters are located in Cincinnati Ohio, better known as The Queen City! We currently have two different locations in Cincinnati each separate for our Web Development and Cybersecurity programs.



The Cincinnati Locations

Whether you’re looking for an online or in-person experience, we’ve got your learning needs covered. Check out our convenient Cincinnati locations for classes you can attend in-person! Come experience the fun and educational atmosphere with state-of-the-art technology by visiting us today!

A night view of the Ohio river and downtown Cincinnati.

Classes Offered in Cincinnati


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Career Services
Paige Brockhoff - Director of Admissions

Paige Brockhoff

Admissions & Marketing Coordinatort

Lauren Hartings - Director, Career Services

Lauren Hartings

Director of Operations

Hanya El-Shamy - Admissions Coach

Hanya El-Shamy

Admissions Coach

Richard Barnes - Lead Instructor, Cybersecurity

Richard Barnes

Lead Instructor, Cybersecurity

Ryan Twele - Instructor, Web Development

Ryan Twele

Lead Instructor, Web Development

Austin Morales - Instructor, Web Development

Austin Morales

Instructor, Web Development

E North - Career Coordinatort

E North

Career Coordinatort

Daniel Hoffman - Instructor, Cybersecurity

Daniel Hoffman

Instructor, Cybersecurity

Spencer Dresmann - Instructor Assistant, Web Development

Spencer Dresmann

Instructor, Web Development

Jon Lascelles - Instructor Assistant, Cybersecurity

Jon Lascelles

Instructor, Cybersecurity