Tech Talent at Your Fingertips

Don’t fall behind because you don’t have talent to help.

The Kable Academy has a pool of talented graduates ready to hit the 

ground running and integrate seamlessly into your current team environment. 

Why Our Clients Choose Kable Academy Graduates

Diverse Pool of Certified Talent

Kable Academy is focused on diversity. Our classes represent the populations we serve. Our graduates are prepared for certifications in their field of study.

Trained for "Real-World" Experience

We equip every student to integrate seamlessly with your current team environment and hit the ground running. Sprint & agile environments require no learning curve- bring them up to speed on the project and let them loose!

Groomed for Future Leadership

Outside of technical training, our graduates work on communication and soft skills that translate in the workplace in preparation for future leadership opportunities.

24/7 Access to Our Senior Support Staff

Our graduates have access to a Senior network of resources that have been in the filed for years so if they hit a snag, they can connect with their senior mentors, resolve their issue quickly and get back to progress.

You're in Good Company

“The Kable Academy curriculum ensures graduates are prepared for employment with a Managed Service provider like CBTS. The program goes beyond basic IT networking and provides students with the Cybersecurity background necessary to ensure that graduates have longevity with CBTS.”

-Cincinnati Bell Technology Solutions
“The Kable Academy has proven to be an exceptional program graduating technical and driven professionals who are able to contribute on day one. We couldn't be more pleased with our recent hire and are looking forward to a continued partnership with the Kable Academy.”

-Encore Technologies
“Apprenti Cincinnati is proud to collaborate with local training providers like Kable Academy. Their commitment to changing lives aligns with Apprenti’s mission to ignite a new talent paradigm and strengthen ecosystems across the country. Sierra’s education allowed us to facilitate an interview with P&G and move seamlessly into a registered apprenticeship on-the-job training experience. We look forward to continuing to partner with Kable Academy in the future.”

-Apprenti Cincinnati
"The Jeff Wyler Automotive Family is committed to being consumer facing, and in this fast-moving market, we rely on technology to provide the optimal sales and service experience for every customer. The Kable Academy helped us by providing a first class employee who was trained with the technological skills that we were looking for. They have our highest recommendation."

- Jeff Wyler Automotive Family
“Kable Academy is providing us with exceptional junior web development talent. They go above and beyond to make sure their students are well prepared for a career in Web Development, both technically and professionally. We love hiring Kable Academy students—they are professional, hit the ground running, and come up to speed quickly.”

-Solution Agency

How We Work With You

Customized Solution for your Unique Needs

We understand that there is no one solution that fits all. We work with you to deliver a custom solution for your needs. Whether you need 1 developer for a short project or a team for permanent placement, we will find the solution that works best for you. 

One Point-Of-Contact

From day one, you will have the same Solution Specialist so you can feel confident in your relationship with the Kable Academy.

Passionate About Placements

We don’t just place a graduate with you and call it quits. We are passionate about making sure they are the right fit for your project– and that you are the right fit for them. If the relationship doesn’t work out, we will work together to find the right person for your needs.