Changing lives, one cohort at a time

At Kable Academy, we’re about changing lives. We put tech careers within reach for those willing to explore a life in IT. We are change agents, who wield the tools of education, accessibility, and connection. We care about where our students go from here. We’re in the business of providing opportunity for everyone who is up for the challenge.

We are committed to diversity. We know and support our partner employers, providing introductions to candidates with the right skills and attitude. We organically serve the local IT markets filling local IT jobs. We accept the challenge to change the technology ecosystem. Our mission is creating the kinds of opportunities with the power to put someone’s career life on a whole new trajectory.


Why choose Kable Academy?

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Explore Career Options

Our program is designed to help you explore career options and discover what excites you in IT the most. Enroll today to start your journey towards a fulfilling career that ignites your passion. Don't settle for a job you're not passionate about, let us help you find the career that's right for you!

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Financial & Grant Opportunities Available

The cost of pursuing your passion for IT doesn’t have to be a barrier into our programs. There are plenty of financial assistance opportunities available. Explore our ISA and scholarships available exclusively here that'll help you get started on turning your dreams into reality. For more information, check out our options here.

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Professional Job Assistance Provided

At Kable Academy, we provide job assistance, so you won’t be left searching for a job all on your own. We have an experienced and dedicated Career Services team here to help! Our team works 1-on-1 with each student to figure out their individual career aspirations and match them up with a great opportunity.

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Grads Earn $40K-$50K on Average in their First Year

Our students and grads have access to invaluable tools and resources to unlock their full potential and achieve salaries ranging from $40K-$50K in their first year of graduating!


Kable Academy by the Numbers

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of students get a job within 3 months when they work with Career Services.

Would You be Interested in Getting a FREE Class Experience?

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Start your free trial and experience an intro into Cybersecurity for yourself.

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Generative Ai Development

Start your free trial and experience an intro into Generative Ai Development for yourself.


Are You Looking for Quality, Local Tech Talent?

Don’t fall behind because you don’t have talent to help. The Kable Academy has a pool of talented graduates ready to hit the ground running and integrate seamlessly into your current team environment.


Our team is excited to be a part
of your journey and help you reach
new heights in the IT industry

Career Services
Lauren Hartings - Director, Career Services

Lauren Hartings

Director of Operations

Kate Miller

Kate Miller

Career Services Specialist

Hanya El-Shamy - Admissions Coach

Hanya El-Shamy

Admissions Lead

Nora - Admissions Coach

Nora Krukowski

Admissions Coach

Richard Barnes - Lead Instructor, Cybersecurity

Richard Barnes

Lead Instructor, Cybersecurity

Ryan Twele - Instructor, Web Development

Ryan Twele

Lead Instructor, Web Development

Austin Morales - Instructor, Web Development

Austin Morales

Instructor, Web Development

Daniel Hoffman - Instructor, Cybersecurity

Daniel Hoffman

Instructor, Cybersecurity

Spencer Dresmann - Instructor Assistant, Web Development

Spencer Dresmann

Instructor, Web Development

Jon Lascelles - Instructor Assistant, Cybersecurity

Jon Lascelles

Instructor, Cybersecurity